ANA Elevator Co. Ltd. is one of the largest and renowned engineering & Services Company in Bangladesh. Since its inception in 2005, we have been trying to walk with the most modern and state of art technology. From 2020, we started importing world renowned products from German, Italy, Spain, Greece, Turkey, Korea, Peoples Republic of China and from USA as well. The brands we are working with are mostly Sigma Elevator, Fuji Elevator, Fujita Elevator, Fuji Hi-Tech Elevator, Wells Elevator, Fuji HD Elevator, Silver Elevator, Movi Elevator, Pappas Elevator, Jakosc Elevator, Kasper Elevator, Forklift – Tavol, Perkins-UK, Ricardo-Chinese, Energy-Italy, Cummins, Deutz Engine.

ANA Elevator Co. Ltd. is the pioneer to lead in the management and applications of electrical, electronics and energy. This company is well known elevator & energy solutions provider to private & government sector. Dedicated and extensively engaged in installation, testing, commissioning of lifts, escalators, generator, marketing the most recent state of art technology electrical/ electronic products. Also provides services related to lifts, escalators, forklifts, cargo lifts, goods lifts, crane hoist, scissors lifts, sub-station, generator & all kind of related spare parts.

The company is customer oriented and it has a single window solution for a wide variety of electrical equipment and products. The company anticipates and provides solution to satisfy its customers’ requirements in the residential building, high rise commercial building, industrial building, shopping mall, hospital, university etc.

Each and every one of this company is always ready to provide services to the most of their capacity to satisfy customers.


The mission of the organization is to walk parallel with the most advanced echnology in the field of Elevators, Escalators & Generators with an aim to allow our valued customers to enjoy the advancement of State of the Art Technology.

To understand customer needs by listening them carefully and to offer products, services and innovative thinking at the most competitive price which will enable everyone to lead a safe & secured life.

Message from Honorable Chairman

It is a great pleasure once again to meet our valued customers in this “Global Lift & Escalator EXPO Dhaka-2022”. Last time also in 2018 this team took part in this Fair, but with the partnership of another company. This time we have the single name and sole identity – ANA Elevator Co. Ltd. As always this magnificent team of Engineers and Technicians have concentrated focus on corporate ideals “To create a better service & environment for client.” We pursue our business activities with our core strength of construction and engineering services. We strive to contribute more in national affairs by developing a safe and comfortable infrastructure and living environment and to rise high above as Single Enterprise.

Our motto is to satisfy our clients with our service and dedications. We always aim to be at your door with our solutions to make your life easy in today’s Hi-Tech era. Our business is to serve you with the best. From the very beginning we have started our business on few principles; Honesty, Quality, Integrity, Professionalism and Safety.

Dedication towards customers’ satisfaction is the motivation to all members in this organization and this people are the pride & strength of our business.

I believe, all our unique efforts, superior workmanship, commitment towards excellence and satisfactions will bring back our valued customers again and again.


Kindest Regards,




Message from Managing Director

Eng. Abdul Alim Khandoker, a man with keen intelligence and vision towards excellent result started his career in the world of Lifts, Elevators, Escalators and Generators in 2005. Soon after he worked with several world-renowned Brands of lifts, escalators, forklifts, cargo lifts, goods lifts, crane hoist, scissors lifts, sub-station, generators and gained hands on experiences through practical work. He received extensive training at home and abroad. But he was always enthusiastic for innovation and entrepreneurship from the very beginning. He always wanted to make new rooms for employments for the people of this country. With this hope, dedication and aim of providing the fair most state of art technology to the clients, Engr. Alim founded ANA Elevators Co. Ltd. In 2020. Though he started the business in 2016 by partnering with another company. Later Engr. Alim along with few experienced colleagues announced the single icon- ANA Elevator Co. Ltd in 2020 and the journey began.

At present, it has become a reputed & one of the best organizations for providing lifts, escalators, forklifts, cargo lifts, goods lifts, crane hoist, scissors lifts, sub-station, generators etc. This company has earned the Trust & Satisfaction of customers through hard work, timely delivery, maintaining quality of goods and professionalism.

Presently ANA Elevator Co. Ltd. is dedicated in supplying, installing & commissioning and they do maintenance, renovation & construction of the lifts, escalators, forklifts, cargo lifts, goods lifts, crane hoist, scissors lifts, sub-station, and generator of any reputed brand in the world.

A brilliant team of Engineers, Technicians are always ready to put up their best for customers’ satisfaction.


Kindest Regards,

Eng.  Abdul Alim Khandoker

Managing Director

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